Educator's Committee (SNMMI-TS)

Committee Charges:

Goal A: Increase Membership

  • Create specific education offerings for students to encourage them to renew membership
  • Achieve buy-in from program directors regarding the importance of the SNMMI-TS and the benefits it offers
  • Create a program that will pair students with an experienced mentor. The mentor should stay with the student throughout the program.

Goal B: Enhance Marketing

  • Develop materials that outline the benefits of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging – introduce sessions or workshops in collaboration with other organizations or specialty groups
  • Promote the profession to high school and undergraduate students
    • Create a program for educators to use when working with high school students and when visiting high schools and high school program
    • Collaborate with high school counselors to ensure they have information about the profession
  • Identify and network with specific organizations to maximize the visibility of the profession
    • Collaborate with other organizations of the healthcare profession on education activities

Goal C: Improve Leadership

  • Create career-enhancing initiatives and programs for SNMMI-TS members
  • Be more proactive in identifying young, passionate, dedicated technologists and recruit the into SNMMI activities
    • Bring 5-10 new technologists into governance each year
    • Expand mentor program
    • Update mentoring plan so that mentors understand their roles and expectations
    • Have mentor and mentee work together to set short-term and long-term goals
    • Formulate teaching strategies that will accommodate the different learning styles and generational perspectives

Goal D: Advance Education

  • Increase the number of online or live educational offerings for technologists
    • Include specific sessions on emerging technologies and interdisciplinary education
    • Increase or create education opportunities for other modalities
  • Continue to promote the SNMMI-TS curriculum guide as the standard for the profession
    • Work to transition all educational programs to include the recent revision of the curriculum guide by 2015

Goal G: Improve Resource Management

  • Increase development of revenue-producing programs
  • Update Review of Nuclear Medicine Technology book


Nuclear Medicine Technology Competency-Based Curriculum Guide (5th Edition)