The Pediatric Imaging Council provides a conduit for the sharing and dissemination of information unique to pediatric nuclear medicine. It serves as a forum for individuals involved in pediatric scintigraphic imaging to meet and discuss common problems and experiences. Established to further advance the interests of pediatric imaging within the SNM, the council serves as a liaison to other pediatric imaging organizations, and to advance both research and education related to pediatric nuclear medicine.

The Pediatric Imaging Council is dedicated to the interchange of scientific and medical ideas among Society members who have interest in pediatric imaging using radiopharmaceuticals.  The overall mission of the Pediatric Imaging Council is to:

(a)  Provide a forum for members with similar interests
(b)  Provide expertise in the field of interest to the membership
(c)  Foster research and education in pediatric imaging using radiopharmaceuticals
(d)  Provide outreach to other professionals and organizations
(e)  Nurture new membership into the Society
(f)   Serve as a resource to SNMMI Leadership

PIC President’s Message

Welcome to the Pediatric Imaging Council (PIC), where our mission is to connect and support the worldwide community of Pediatric Nuclear Medicine professionals so that we make continuous improvements to the healthcare of children everywhere. We encourage you and your colleagues to join our council, even if your practice involves only a small fraction of pediatric patients. We gain strength and knowledge in numbers, and don’t want anyone to practice in a bubble when the support of the PIC community is only a few mouse clicks away!

The new SNMMI Connect discussion board is an active community eager to answer your questions, view your announcements, and provide a wealth of information – including pediatric topics. The PIC sponsors highly-relevant, image-rich Categorical and Continuing Education sessions at both the SNMMI Annual Meeting and Mid-Winter Meeting. Our sessions are regularly co-sponsored with other SNMMI Councils and Centers (e.g. PET CoE, PIDS, CVC, CIC, GCNMC, and others). We host a PIC business meeting for all council members at the Annual Meeting, where we welcome your input, ideas, and the opportunity to engage in person.

While much of our educational programming is focused on clinical topics, the PIC also strongly encourages submission of your pediatric scientific abstracts and scientific/educational posters to the Annual Meeting and Mid-Winter Meeting. The Majd-Gilday Young Investigator Award is presented to the author of the best pediatric oral scientific presentation at the SNMMI Annual Meeting. Current research and innovation interests of the PIC include pediatric nuclear medicine dose optimization, international harmonization of pediatric radiopharmaceutical doses, theranostics in pediatric oncology, hybrid imaging including PET/CT and PET/MR, and assessing therapy response. We always welcome your ideas and suggestions for new initiatives and how to improve our existing efforts.

Enjoy browsing the PIC website, and feel welcome to provide myself, the PIC Governance, and the SNMMI staff with your feedback and suggestions. I look forward to working together with all the members of our vibrant Pediatric Nuclear Medicine community.


Ruth Lim, M.D.


The Pediatric Imaging Council offers several different awards to recognize individuals within the field who have made significant contributions to pediatric imaging. The following awards are offered on a yearly basis by the council:

Majd-Gilday Young Investigator Award - The PIC Majd-Gilday YIA award was developed to recognize 2 pioneers in the pediatric imaging field who have made enormous scientific contributions to our subspecialty of pediatric nuclear medicine: Dr. Massoud Majd and Dr. David Gilday.  The award will be given to young scientists for outstanding research contributions to the field of pediatric nuclear medicine. Learn more about the Majd-Gilday Young Investigator Award.

Conway-Treves Senior Investigator Award - The PIC Conway-Treves SIA award was developed to recognize 2 pioneers in the pediatric imaging field who have made enormous scientific contributions to our subspecialty of pediatric nuclear medicine: Dr. James Conway and Dr. Ted Treves. The Conway-Treves Senior Investigator Award will be given to senior scientists and physician-scientists who have contributed greatly to our subspecialty of pediatric nuclear medicine as a scientist, teacher, mentor and leader, or who have contributed substantially to the work of the Society of Nuclear Medicine or the SNMMI Pediatric Imaging Council. Learn more about the Conway-Treves Senior Investigator Award.

The Society recognizes the need for sub-specialty interests/expertise within the field of nuclear medicine and moleuclar imaging. Councils provide the expertise, professional networking and educational programs for nuclear medicine professionals in respective areas and serve as a resource for development and implementatin of Society policies.

Council membership is voluntary. Councils adhere to Society Bylaws and policies, while operating under its own Operating Procedures, as approved by the House of Delegates, and its own business plan and budget, as approved by the SNMMI Board of Directors.

This section provides the following council specific information.

PIC Board of Directors
PIC Operating Procedures
PIC Business Plan
PIC Council Reports to the House of Delegates
PIC Past Presidents

How to Become a Member
Membership in the Pediatric Imaging Council is limited to members of the SNMMI. Membership can be attained by indicating the desire to join during the annual renewal of the SNMMI membership or by filing an application with the Secretary of the council.

Payment of Dues
Membership in the PIC requires payment of dues in the amount of $20/year. Dues are paid to SNMMI and will be due on October 1st of each year.

Benefits of Membership:
Membership makes you a part of a professional group within the SNMMI that provides you with the following member benefits:

  1. Full access to on-line discussions related to pediatric nuclear medicine using the Pediatric NM List Server. Members may submit questions and cases, review lectures and teaching files, and have on-line discussions related to pediatric nuclear medicine. Learn more about the Pediatric NM Listserve.
  2. Pediatric Imaging Council newsletter is available to all members
  3. Annual Pediatric Imaging Council meeting
  4. Annual Pediatric Imaging Council No-Host Dinner (no cost to the Council)
  5. Participation in SNMMI continuing medical education activities and categorical courses
  6. Access to SNMMI Pediatric Imaging Council web page: Updates related to on-going Council activities
  7. Updates on dose reduction efforts in pediatric nuclear medicine (including PET/CT and SPECT/CT)

Learn more about the specific benefits the PIC council has to offer by emailing


PIC Announcements


The 2020 SNMMI Mid-Winter Meeting & ACNM Annual Meeting will be held

January 23-25, 2020 in Tampa, Florida

Visit the 2020 Meeting website for more information. 

Join the Pediatric Imaging Council

Council membership is voluntary. Society members are eligible for council membership, and can belong to as many councils as they wish. The Pediatric Imaging Council dues are $20.00. Join this council

PIC Events

2019 Annual Meeting - PIC CE Sessions:

  • Advanced Pediatric Imaging
  • Pediatric PET/MR
  • Pediatric Read with the Experts