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The SNMMI Clinical Trials Network provides tools and resources to promote faster, more cost-effective drug development and increase the availability and performance of molecular imaging radiopharmaceuticals for use in the clinic. Increased standardization in trials leads to better data that then results in expanded utilization of radiopharmaceuticals.

The Clinical Trials Network (CTN) was formed in 2008 by SNMMI to help facilitate the effective use of molecular imaging radiopharmaceuticals in clinical trials. Benefits to the drug development industry include access to a database of qualified imaging sites and radiopharmaceutical manufacturers, a robust scanner validation program, access to standardized imaging protocols and clinical research education and training for site personnel. Our Mission is to facilitate the effective use of MI in clinical trials through standardization, coordination, and education for drug development and regulatory approval. A successful scanner validation will ensure that your study patients as well as your clinical patients are being scanned on a quantitatively and quantitatively accurate PET/CT. Click here for more information about our scanner validation program. We also maintain a comprehensive database that stores and manages information on imaging sites, production sites and those sites that have both imaging and production capabilities. To date, we have total of 435 sites registered in the CTN database. To access or add your site to the CTN database, click here. 

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